Производство промышленной упаковки EN

Industrial package

The “VPT” LLC sells the bags wholesale. The enterprise manufactures and sells the bags of different types such as:

  • sewed-in PP woven bags;
  • PP woven bags (made according to a technology AD proTex™);
  • laminated and non-laminated bags.

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The characteristics of woven bags (with the applied AD proTex™ technology)

7It is a light, solid, elastic package made of polypropylene with the help of high-quality equipment according to the European quality standards. The PP woven bags are the best for keeping granular materials and groceries. Also they are used in building, farming and transportation. All bags are made in line with the technology AD proTex and they can protect your goods from damage during transportation. The PP woven bags unite the best characteristics of different kinds of packaging, as if the manufacturer has combined all good properties of polypropylene, polyethylene and paper bags. Since the bags are waterproof because of lamination, they can protect their contents, and the environment from it (especially if it comes down to toxic products that can be transported). The PP bags can be used under such conditions as high or low temperatures and it means that the weather is not able to damage the bag and its contents. The perforation availability and impermeability level depend on consumer’s requirements.

During the manufacturing the Austrian (BSW) and German (Windmoller & Holscher) equipment is used.

The advantages are:

  • Сa handy rectangle shape;
  • soundness;
  • elasticity;
  • special technology of sealing without glue.

Soundness is guaranteed thanks to the fact that the bags are laminated and woven. They are waterproof so you can leave them in the rain and your goods will be saved. The bags can be made with a valve. Even rough handling and big weight cannot damage them. Using such box-shaped bags a manufacturer will undoubtedly reduce the loss of goods during transportation and save his money. The “VPT” offers a great assortment of the PP woven bags. The client can choose a size, a valve, a colour according to his tastes. The bag valve can be sealed with the help of the ultrasound to protect the environment from contents of the bag (especially if it comes down to toxic products). This kind of a package is recognized as necessary and widely used in EU during sea shipping.

The basic characteristics of the woven bags:

1. A shape, a construction, a modern look.

The main feature of these bags is a rectangle shape of a bottom. This is very useful for a manual and automatic handling and storage. The laminated surface can be used for printing a logo. A look of these bags can be improved by choosing a colour.

2. Moisture resistance and air permeability.

Resistance to any weather allows keeping your materials even in the open air. On the other hand the enterprise has the opportunity to make perforation in the bag. The perforation is needed for keeping food or cement.

3. Usage and transportation.

PP bags are used for cement, fertilizers, lime, forages, flour, sugar, rice, all hand and automatic packing. The characteristics of a bag can be changed in case of some special requirements. For example, you can order the bag with a valve or a liner. The special shape of bags allows putting them one on another up to a ceiling, and a consumer can be sure that they will not fall down. They are sound and elastic. Of course, you can buy paper bags but they are not waterproof while PP bags (AD proTex) will be absolutely safe in any circumstances. Soundness and impermeability will keep your goods safe and minimize damage.

4. Efficiency and ecological compatibility.

It is very advantageous to buy PP woven bags (AD proTex). They are lightweight (no more than 80 gr.) while the paper or polyethylene bags have 180 gr. Also these bags can be recycled. People in developing countries use them again as roof cladding or sell them as second hand goods. In Europe such plastic waste products are used as secondary fuel. But of course they can be recycled into bags again and they will not lose their properties after recycling. The PP woven bags are not toxic, they do not poison water and soil and they can decompose in the sunlight. The special technology allows sealing without glue (the glue can be toxic for the environment). If you do not want to lose your money, you should use the AD proTex bags. They hardly ever tear so your goods will be certainly safe and sound.

The advantages of AD proTex are::

  • A solid laminated woven linen;
  • the shape of a box;
  • a self-closing valve or an open top;

They are very sound, waterproof, air-penetrable and appropriate for manual and automatic handling.

he area of application of AD proTex bags

Transportation and storage of such materials as:

  • Mineral materials: marble aggregate, gypsum, salt, calcium carbonate, sand, lime, etc;
  • Building materials: cement, clearcole, etc;
  • Petrochemical and chemical materials: granulated polymer, granulated additives, soda, fertilizers, polyvinylchloride, etc.

These bags are ecologically clean and they can be used for any groats, corn, nuts and coffee. You can print any picture on them and that will attract people and make your brand well-known.

Main characteristics:

  • a bag width - 35 - 60 cm;
  • a bag length - 45 - 91 cm;
  • a valve width - 8 -16 cm;
  • a logo can be of 6 colours.

Size of a bag:

  • L - lenght of a bag;
  • B - width of a bag;
  • l - lenght of a valve;
  • b - width of a valve.