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History of "VPT" LLC

History of "VPT" LLC

The «VPT» LLC was established in 1995. During these years the firm developed into a great enterprise with an improved range of goods (GMRG and Polypropylene woven bags).

Nowadays the firm produces plain pressure hoses (state standard 0362-76), long-length, light-weight pressure hoses (spray) (according to technical specifications 2554-002-22465588-2008), rubber sleeves for gas welding and metal cutting (according to the state standard 9356-75), oxygenous sleeves (1 class), acetylenic sleeves (class 111) and petrolic sleeves (class 11), branch pipes of cooling systems for lorries, passenger cars and agricultural machinery; molded GMRG for different purposes. Spray sleeves and sleeves for gas cutting and welding are produced using modern technical equipment that lets put on the market the sleeves of European quality.

The second main direction is manufacturing of polypropylene woven bags (PP woven bags). They can be box-shaped or sewed-in, destined for packaging different granular materials: flour, groats, building compounds, cement, any kinds of fertilizers, etc. Using such box-shaped bags a manufacturer will undoubtedly reduce the loss of goods during transportation and save his money. Also these bags are of a modern look owing to its design and special logotypes. The bags are produced with the help of the Austrian equipment where the total cycle of manufacture can be made: the output of threads, canvas, lamination and printing a logo if necessary.

The enterprise tries to manufacture products that satisfy all requirements of consumers that can be profitable and competitive. «VPT» LLC aims at raising competitive capacity of its goods on foreign markets.

The aims are:

  • the manufacture and sale of quality products;
  • the development of technologies that can help to save raw materials and to widen a range;
  • the improvement of work of all organization departments;
  • the strengthening of relationships with partners, the mutually beneficial stable collaboration;
  • the maintenance of a safe supplier reputation.