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Rubber is a popular material and it is widely used in industrial production. The rubber is waterproof and long-wearing. Nowadays GMRG are used in all branches of industry. For example, GMRG are used in farming, in private life, mechanical engineering, in chemical, oil-refining and petrochemical industries. Also general mechanical rubber goods are a perfect hermetic element used in a window construction and in household appliances. Medicine cannot do without these goods as well – gloves, rubber tubes are made of rubber. In other words, wear resistance, capacity to resist high and low temperatures are the characteristics of qualitative GMRG.


Polypropylene woven bags

When a customer orders some goods he wants to get them safe and sound. That’s why a package should be qualitative. The PP woven bags are the only ones that meet all the requirements. Because of their service performances the bags are leaders among other types of industrial packaging. The manufacturing of box-shaped and sewed-in PP woven bags is the second main direction of “VPT” LLC.