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prod-1General mechanical rubber goods (GMRG)   prod-2Polypropylene woven bags

GMRG – such as hosepipes, rubber glands, branch pipes of cooling and heating systems for lorries and passenger cars, and agricultural machinery. Also the manufacturing firm offers molded GMRG for different purposes and oil-resistant hoses of any diameter.


PP woven bags are up-to-date industrial packaging that has excellent strength properties such as elasticity, lightness, safety, ecological compatibility and usability. PP bags are used for cement, fertilizers, lime, forages, flour, sugar, rice, all hand and automatic packing.




One of the main strategies of "VPT" LLC is permanent improvement and diversification. All output is certified and fully tested.



Individual approach to every customer, convenient discounts, a minimum of production time and prompt delivery. We are your safe partner.



Our enterprise satisfies contemporary market requirements. The "VPT" LLC is financially stable and fast developing. Our purpose is a long-continued and stable relationship with partners.


Ecological compatibility

The enterprise’s first-priority task is the manufacturing cost-effectiveness increase and at the same time the reduction of the negative impact on the environment.



Increase in effectiveness, permanent improvement and diversification are the enterprise's predominant goals.



The "VPT" LLC takes care of its workers and their health.

«Volgopromtrans» LLC

«Volgopromtrans» LLC is a manufacturing firm that was established in 1995. The main goal of the firm is permanent improvement and diversification.

«VPT» LLC has more than 600 workers and approximately 900 kinds of products. There are four manufacturing blocks where hosepipes, rubber glands, molded GMRG, branch pipes of cooling and heating systems for lorries and passenger cars, tractors, combines and other agricultural machinery are produced. Polypropylene woven bags (AD proTex) are made there too. The company also places high emphasis on diversification of spares for motor and tractor machinery.

A top-priority task of the «VPT» LLC is production of general mechanical rubber goods (GMRG). The enterprise uses the total cycle of manufacturing – starting with a rubber compound up to the finished products.

Prompt delivery of products is guaranteed fully thanks to the fact that the “VPT” LLC has its own autopark. The production can be delivered to all Russian regions and to the former Soviet republics. The flexible system for discounts is attractive to customers.

The output is manufactured with all process requirements and it has the Russian Federation Certificate of Conformity. The «VPT» LLC tries to manufacture products that satisfy all consumer requirements, to make solid and stable relationships with partners, and to uphold the reputation of a safe supplier.